About Us

Our History

I will build My church.


Jesus promised in Matthew 16:18 “I will build My church”. Our hearts are full of praise to the Lord because He has been faithful to build His church in every generation. We exist as a local church because God is faithful to use the preaching of His word to gather the lost and edify the saints. We are humbled by God’s faithfulness to start and grow this local church. May the Lord raise up many more churches for His own glory and praise.

November 2012

Grace Community Church began in November of 2012, when a core group of believers (around 40 charter members) committed to worshipping and serving the Lord together. At our first worship gathering, a group of local pastors commissioned Dustin Cook and Ryan Sullivan to lead this new church.

United Around Sound Gospel Doctrine & Biblical Ecclesiology

Many of the charter members were connected to a weekly Bible study in the Jackson Metro Area that began in late 2010. This Bible study began with just a few individuals and yet over a two-year period it grew into the beginnings of a local church. At this Bible study, sincere and intentional friendships were made around the gospel. The Lord gathered a group of believers together that was committed: to the authority of Scripture, to growing in a sincere love for Christ, and to passionately pursue making disciples. In November 2012, this group united around sound gospel doctrine and biblical ecclesiology, and began public worship gatherings in Jackson, MS.

Growing in Holiness

Since 2012, the Lord has been faithful to GCC. We have seen God add to our number by saving souls from Hell and bringing Christians to GCC without a connection to a healthy church. The Lord has used this church to establish new believers in the faith. We have been enabled by God to: send out missionaries, support the poor and needy, and engage in local ministry. There has been rejoicing and weeping together as the Lord has grown this church in holiness.  We have not arrived but we are pressing forward and trusting God to continue the good work that He began through this church.